Satyagraha - We are the Towers

The Debut of the first 12' tall "Large size" Towers suits at the Foley Square Event was a success and many have seen the potential they can bring toward acheiving our goals.

Here is a list of Quick FaQs:

1. The Large tower suits are extremely light and comfortable with the exception that the large towers are too much for a Petite sized person to walk in. Conversely, the Small suits (soon to be made) will be imposssible for a Large size person to wear.

2. Wind is your only enemy but we experienced 15mph gusts with no problems.

3. The Large towers material cost is $ 225.oo for the pair lowering to  $100.oo for the Small 8' foot pair of suits.  Large towers require 24 hours to make and the Small ones take up 16 hours. I am working on the fabrication drawings and specifications for distribution soon. All one needs is a table saw.

4. Storage and Transporting are the only other issues with "setup and break down" a breeze. This as the towers fold up but are still made in 8' foot long pieces which are very light but somewhat fragile.


Ross Muir

Rmr only